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You Drive, We App
How it works?
StickerRide is a mobile app for drivers that allows to save on car spendings and earn money on advertisement. We put together services with the aim to simplify vehicle-owning and make it profitable.
за каждую поездку
More distance within Drive mode means more recommendations and personal discounts.
Motor insurance with personal discount right now available in app.
Analyzing data
Based on your trips and driving style, our recommendation algorithms will learn how to generate personalized discount offers for you on time.
e.g. it recommends a place to store tires when the time comes to switch to summer tires, or to remind you of the insurance policy that is expiring.
Earn money on advertisement
Our app helps you earn money as you drive – sign up in the app and apply to ad campaigns by global brands. We will pay for every kilometer covered.
Save on insurance
Drive 200 kilometers in Drive mode and get a personal discount on motor insurance. AI will recognize your driving style and form the best deal for you.
Be stylish
Choose a unique design for your car and conquer the streets. The anti-gravel film will help protect the body from any damage and maintain its original attractiveness.