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What is a social wall?
A social wall gathers content from social networks via pre-defined hashtags and profiles. It displays the posts in a well-organised, chronological live social stream on websites, event and TV screens as well as digital and interactive advertising surfaces. In order to filter only relevant posts from the wealth of social media content, a sophisticated technology is needed.

Due to its innovative anti-spam shield, streamchartz® allows only spam-free social content onto your social wall. Using the Design Editor, custom banners, topical search function and interfaces to e-commerce systems, streamchartz® can be fully customised.

Demo News Wall

How streamchartz® works

1. Gather content
streamchartz® compiles content from social networks that has been previously defined via hashtags and profiles in a social stream.

2. Filter spam
The reliable streamchartz® anti-spam shield only allows spam-free social media content onto your social feed.

3. Social wall output
Website, mega screen, digital advertising surface or in-store screen: Your social stream can be displayed on any screen and in any screen context.

4. Use special features
Use the Design Editor to customise your social wall according to your corporate design, define topics via the topical search function, place banners etc.

Unique features for your social wall

Spam Shield
✓ 100 % spam-free content
✓ fully customisable
✓ bad content terms in 7 languages
✓ Google Vision image analysis filter

✓ full-text search for the entire social wall
✓ rearrangement of search results
✓ curated search for topics, hashtags & profiles
✓ user-definable filters

Custom Banner
✓ integration of advertising
✓ simple leads for online shops
✓ promotions & special offers
✓ sponsor advertising on event walls

✓ for local promotions & events
✓ imports posts from defined locations
✓ simple definition of coordinates
✓ strengthen local communities

✓ shop directly on the social wall
✓ direct conversions in online shops
✓ interface to standard e-com systems available
✓ Magento, Pimcore, WordPress etc.

Design Editor
✓ social wall according to your CD
✓ integration into the website
✓ access to the currently used CMS
✓ development of customised solutions

6 reasons why you need a social wall
Social walls gather free user-generated content
You run a website but lack the resources to constantly feed it with fresh content? Your social media communities are booming, particularly loyal, incredibly creative or simply entertaining? A streamchartz® social wall helps you accomplish several things at once. Integrated into a website, it supplies you with fresh, user-generated content for free. With the integration of a social wall on your company website, your brand or company also publicly acknowledges your fans and followers and thus strengthens the community.

A social wall can trigger the decisive buying impulse
Whether the social wall is integrated as a carousel banner into an online shop or displayed on an in-store screen as a social stream: Inspiring posts by successful influencers, gathered on a social wall according to your corporate design guidelines, can skyrocket your sales. Positive costumer feedback and DIY or user tips may give that final decisive buying impulse. After all, nothing beats the influence of personal recommendations on our purchase behaviour.

Social walls offer fans a platform at events
For your sports event, festival or concert to be an absolute success, it is important to get your fans and visitors on board. The streamchartz® social wall is the perfect tool to accomplish this. By seeing their posts displayed on mega screens, fans are encouraged to share their fotos, comments and thoughts, which results in a stronger sense of community. Given an average of 208 followers per twitter user and a constantly growing Instagram community, an audience of 500 participants can easily reach 104K people and thus create enthusiasm for your event or brand beyond the event itself.

A social wall is the perfect platform for advertisers
A social wall can serve as a platform for sponsors or advertisers or as an alternative to conventional sponsorship and advertising. By strategically integrating advertising partners into the social wall, revenues can be generated while the advertisers themselves are bound to receive a high level of attention. Campaigns may be specifically geared to the target groups, since they can be very clearly defined. Promotions, loyalty programmes or special offers can also be placed on the social wall, which in turn may increase traffic and thereby the number of conversions on websites or in online shops.

Social walls encourage participants to join in at events
Whether it be a comment on a keynote presentation, a contribution to a question being debated on-stage or a selfie with a fellow participant: social media at conferences, conventions and congresses turns formerly passive visitors into active participants. For most people it is much easier to post a question or comment on social media than to speak in public. The concept of the crowd joining in can be perfectly realised with a live social wall visible to all participants during the event. Because interaction is contagious – but only if it is visible for everyone.

Social walls provide an overview at the office and news room
From the exchange between employees, departments, locations and stores for knowledge transfer to the traditional observation of the market, competition or news to the smooth coordination of all channels and communities: The streamchartz® social wall is the perfect smart tool to manage and monitor social media channels.