Stuck AI


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Reimagine Digital OOH Advertising

We help advertisers get more bang for their buck from digital outdoor advertising

How are we different?

Right Content in the Right Place at the Right Time

Hyperlocal Targeting

Target specific neighborhoods or geo-coordinates based on curated data points to maximize impact.

Flexible Contracts

Shorter time contracts allows advertisers to use D-OOH frequently


The proof is in the data. Measure the impact of your campaigns in real time – all in a few clicks

The Secret to a successful outdoor advertising campaign

Our product was built by experts in Advertising and Technology. So we’ve got you covered.


Understanding where your target audience hangout and when is the key. Data is your best friend.


Adhering to ad frequency caps will avoid banner burnout and negative branding.


Staying relevant to day, time, place, user intent, user behavior will result in greater conversions.

Stuck AI delivers contextually aware location-based advertising, through our network of  Internet-connected digital screens, mounted on car & storefront windows.