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Mobile Relationship Management

SUMOTEXT helps brands, agencies, and nonprofits kick-start and sustain conversations and commerce with mobile audiences via SMS and MMS.

Permission. Permission. Permission.

Scott Howe of Acxiom said, “Permissions are the new patents.” We agree and would also add that permission is the new measurement of conversion. Way beyond a sale, app install, “Like”, or “Follow”, a mobile opt-in (consumer-initiated permission for a brand to reach and engage a customer on their mobile device) is the ultimate metric of loyalty and the most prized asset in the CRM record.

We believe that as traditional mass marketing channels continue to give ground to targeted, interactive channels, the mobile phone has become the only common linchpin capable of tethering multimedia, social networking, and commerce. As such, every business that currently collects email addresses will eventually recognize and prioritize the acquisition of mobile opt-ins.

Platform or APIs

SUMOTEXT provides mobile messaging connectivity to the USA, Canada, and over 200 countries via developer-friendly API’s documented in the SUMOTEXT SMS API Guide. But we are best known for our Mobile Relationship Management Platform and tools.

Beyond the basics of opt-in and opt-out, our platform is loaded with dashboards, real-time reports, and intuitive utilities for segmentation and targeting that enable true 1-to-1 marketing.

Our product-oriented approach to messaging technologies keeps our service affordable, easy to use, and distributable to national, regional, and local program managers and can be licensed through 1 of 4 flexible Delivery Models.