Tag Inspector


Tag Governance Made Easy

The aim of successful tag governance is to ensure complete, compliant, and efficient data collection across all of your digital properties. Accomplish this goal with a single, convenient platform: Tag Inspector.

What Does Tag Inspector Provide?
Complete Data

Full Visibility of Tag Architecture

With over 2,500 unique platforms in our tag library, gain unparalleled visibility into all tags loading and the data each is collecting. Tags loading from the source, through a tag management system, or piggybacking from another third party are all identified and displayed.

Compliant Data

Monitor Privacy Requirements Across All Digital Properties

Audit, define, and monitor your tag governance policy for all of your global websites. Tag Inspector provides one place to view all tags loading on all websites across all conditions of user consent. Users can quickly identify and remediate compliance risks with our Privacy & Compliance Module.

Efficient Data Collection

Validate Data Collection Requirements In Realtime

Define your data architecture requirements for all tags loading and data layer objects. Tag Inspector handles the rest with comprehensive testing and validation for both QA and production environments, alerting you in real-time when anything breaks.