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Create Voiceovers In
Many Major Languages
Leverage Google
& Amazon Speech
Text To Speech Software
Perfect For VSLs, Audio
Books, Ads, & More
Create Voiceovers In
Many Major Languages

Use Talkia to Create Amazing, Professional
Voiceovers That Sound Like Real Human Voices.
Perfect for Video Sales Letters (VSLs), Educational Videos,
Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Audio Books, and Much More!

1 Advanced Text-To-Speech Software
2 Customize Voice Type, Pitch, & Speed
3 Tons of Male/Female Voices
4 Optionally Add Background Music
5 Same Technology Used By Amazon & Google
6 Many Major Languages Are Supported
7 Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Interface
8 Works With All Video Software Programs
9 Artificial Intelligence For Life-like Voices
10 Mac & PC Compatible

Voiceovers Make Your Videos More
Engaging & More Professional…
Ultimately Helping You Increase Your Business
A lot of time, money, and effort go into making a video.

Naturally, you want to see a good return on that investment—which is why proper voiceovers are so important.

Voiceovers can help you create higher-converting videos (i.e. that sell more) by:

There’s a reason nobody creates silent movies anymore—they’re way less interesting than movies with sound! A voiceover makes videos more entertaining, so viewers are far more likely to watch them from start-to-finish …

A written call-to-action (CTA) is passive—more of a suggestion than a directive. By contrast, a spoken call-to-action is incredibly powerful, making videos with VOs way more effective.

When viewers feel a sense of connection to your brand, they’re much more likely to buy. A voiceover adds that all-important personal touch to your videos, increasing your brand’s “trust and likeability” factor.

Some concepts can be difficult to express visually. A voiceover gives you the opportunity to really explain your products and services, so viewers are more knowledgeable—and enthusiastic!—about what you have to offer.

High-quality videos almost always use voiceovers, because they project a professional image—rather than one of a “fly-by-night” company. And with that professional image, viewers develop a much better impression of your brand.

But, there’s a problem.
As successful as voiceovers are at improving sales, hiring a freelancer to create one can be a HUGE hassle…

Finding a Freelancer Is Time-Consuming
Not only do you have to take time out of your busy schedule to post your job requirements online, but then you have to sift through tons of responses, listening to numerous recordings, all in the hopes that you’ll ultimately hire the right person.

Voiceovers Are Expensive
For a 2-minute video, you can expect to pay around $250 for a voiceover. And of course, each time you create a new video, you have to shell out even more money. By contrast, Talkia’s monthly fee costs a fraction of what one voiceover costs, and our software lets you create unlimited voiceovers … so you’ll never have to pay for a voiceover again!

Turnaround Can Be Slow
Freelancers can take days—a week even—before delivering a voiceover. And because most voiceovers need to be completed before the video can be created, your project is forced to grind to a screeching halt … while you wait impatiently for your freelancer to deliver.

Of course, you always have the option of
creating a voiceover yourself, but unfortunately,
that comes with its own set of problems …
Although creating your own voiceover sounds good in theory, it’s not for everyone … especially if you can relate to any of the following:

Talkia Is Incredibly Simple to Use …
Making It Easy for Anyone to
Instantly Create Professional Voiceovers!
Here’s How Talkia Works.

Step 1
Type or paste your text into Talkia’s editor.
Talkia knows how to pronounce all words, so whatever you enter will be read in a natural sounding way.

Step 2
Choose the voice you want to use.
Talkia comes with male and female voices. Both young, and old.

Step 3
Preview or generate your voiceover.
Click the “Speak It” button to preview your voiceover or click the “Add To Timeline” button to create it.