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If you don’t have a product story, you don’t have a product.

Talkoot is an agile product storytelling application that helps brands tell brand-right, shopper-friendly product stories at scale. Faster. Together.

Built for the direct to consumer economy

Modern, digital-first brands inspire customers on every product page with fun, interesting and accurate stories about every product they make. That’s because product stories lift conversion rates, lower returns and create more loyal customers.

Is Talkoot a PIM?

Nope. PIMs are big, downstream systems that can be relatively costly and slow to deploy. Creative teams need a high-functioning, human-friendly productivity tool to feed those systems high-converting product stories. That’s Talkoot.

Talkoot is a new type of application designed to help brands produce product stories at scale.

Get more done everyday

Small teams can punch above their weight, producing more, high quality copy without expanding teams or timeframes. Customers are up to 4x more efficient in Talkoot.

Work together from anywhere

You may be working in different departments, different offices, even different time zones. But with  Talkoot, you can all work together to create amazing product stories that sell.