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Tealium connects data so you can connect with your customers
The Most Trusted Customer Data Platform

The Best Customer Experiences Depend on Trusted and Unified Data Delivered in Real-time

& Retention
Drive customer loyalty and retention by integrating customer knowledge into every interaction.

Growth & Acquisition
& Acquisition
Convert more customers by using complete and up-to-date data to provide relevant experiences.

Predictive Insights & Customer Analytics
Predictive Insights
& Customer Analytics
Target your most likely buyers, predict a segment that could churn, or present an offer at the right time.

Customer Experience
& Personalization
Create a personalized and relevant experience at each customer touchpoint, in real-time.
Data Collection & Privacy
Data Collection
& Privacy
Empower your customer experience programs with confidence, utilizing privacy-conscious, first-party data.

Single View of the Customer
Single View
of the Customer
Build a single customer view unique to your business, so you can deliver relevant customer experiences.

React to Real-time Customer Data Insights
Collect, enrich, and activate your data to intelligently delight your customers in real-time – no batching!

Keep Your Best-of-Breed Tools and Technology
Use your current stack without sacrificing data insights with 1300+ turnkey Tealium integrations.

Prioritize Data Security and Customer Privacy
Unlock the true value of your customer data knowing it is secure and your organization is compliant.

Achieve Rapid Time-to-Value and Ease-of-Use
Quickly deploy an easy-to-use solution powerful enough for data scientists, yet intuitive for marketers.

Keep the Technology Stack You Want Without Sacrificing Data Insights
Tealium features over 1300+ turnkey integrations so you can quickly and effectively connect your systems and data.

Developed for Enterprises, Built For Everyone
Tealium powers real-time customer insights from global enterprises to innovative startups with a trusted, powerful, and easy-to-use CDP solution.