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Build Your Business with Teika Metrics

Growing your business is easier online with the help of Teika Metrics. This is the only platform you will need to maximize profits for your business using your Amazon ads. It makes use of next-generation automation and data science to ensure you are taking advantage of every benefit available to you.

Teika comes with machine-learned optimization and keyword optimization. With a glance, you can see your ad’s profitability whenever you like. The team at Teika are all experts at maximizing profitability with Amazon ads. You can try this system out for free for a month. You can also request a free demo.

Scientific advertising to maximize sales & profit on Amazon
Teikametrics Flywheel ensures every advertising dollar spent on Amazon advertising goes to what matters most: growing your business and increasing profits.

One platform, everything needed to optimize your Amazon ads
Our unique blend of next-gen automation, data science, and Amazon expertise means you’re always spending efficiently and capturing every opportunity available.

Algorithmic Bidding Optimization
Say goodbye to archaic rules-based bidding, say hello to our world-class, machine learning optimization.

Product-level Profitability
See your individual- and account-level profitability, including fees, promotions, and advertising.

Keyword Automation
Put an end to tedious keyword tasks. Leverage our automation to increase spend efficiency, sales, and visibility.

Real Amazon Experts
Our team of experts is here to help. They’re ready to get you started and keep you profitable.

Best-in-class algorithmic bidding
Set your ads up for success with intelligent, algorithmic keyword bidding. We’ll make sure every bid is set so you’re capturing more sales at the price that makes sense for you.

Teikametrics’ sophisticated approach to ad management, automation data science, and deep expertise has allowed us to conquest additional market share while optimizing within a given budget. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to scale their business on Amazon.

— Razer, Enterprise Client

The perfect bid. Every time.
We leverage data from across our entire seller base and combine it with your product margins, conversion rates, and expected sales per conversion to create the perfect keyword bid.

Hourly bid changes
Up to every hour our algorithm reviews your product sales and ad performance to update bids as necessary, always keeping you competitive.

Price-change aware
Never adjust bids again when the price of your product changes or you’ve added a discount code or coupon; let our algorithm do it for you.