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Textmetrics – Level up!
Innovation creates value. With everything in today’s business world focusing on having the right kind of communication, we see that innovating that communication has high business potential. This idea led to developing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to discover this potential. The result is Textmetrics, a unique text technology platform that takes your communications to the next level.
Produce the best quality
The Textmetrics platform is flexible, customizes to your needs, and saves you valuable time. The artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms start by analyzing and measuring your lexicon. Then our augmented writing environment calculates improvements and assists your staff in writing great content.

The result is elevating your business to the next tier so you consistently align with your company’s brand identity, speak to your audiences, reach diversity and inclusion goals, improve findability, and increase conversion. With Textmetrics, you will level up in every possible way.
Level up your content with Textmetrics
Level up your lexicon
Level up your knowledge
Level up in every language
Level up with a customized solution
Level up to a company-wide standard
Level up to your ultimate goals