The Ticket Fairy


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The Ticket Fairy

Increase Revenue

Sell more tickets by rewarding ticket buyers with cash back if they get friends to attend your event. This generates up to 20% more ticket sales, and we can prove it!
Offer annual membership plans with pre-paid access to shows, exclusive merchandise and member-only pre-sales.
Connect Shopify to offer merchandise from your existing store during ticket on-sales.

Cashflow is King

We’re an official Stripe Verified Partner. Our Cashflow & Safety package allows you to receive 100% of your ticket funds pre-event, directly into your Stripe account!
Payment plans via Stripe, Affirm and Laybuy allow your ticket buyers to pay in chunks, lowering the barriers to purchase.
Use our budget management tools to keep track of expenses and P&Ls, instead of manual spreadsheets.

Safety For You and Ticket Buyers

Online ticket sales with credit card fraud protection, plus scalping prevention with individual ticket names that require photo ID.
Resale is built in, to securely transfer tickets to friends or a sold-out waiting list, at face value only – no more ticket fraud!
Optional individual ticket buyer insurance issues a full refund if the unexpected happens – including contracting COVID-19!

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Detailed ticket buyer data allows you to make informed business decisions when promoting your event.
Generate and gauge demand before ticket sales start with our pre-registration workflows.
Build audiences to run future ad campaigns to Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Billboard and more!