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Thunder Overview

Thunder helps brands, like you, solve for bad customer ad experiences with consistency, relevancy, and frequency. We create a good ad experience with our four pillars of People-Based advertising: Identity. Creative. Personalization. Measurement.

With a cross-device graph for identity, a creative management platform (CMP) for programmatic production, a Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) solution for strategic creative personalization, and experience measurement for tracking ad delivery and total experience, we deliver enterprise-level ad serving all from one convenient platform, the Thunder Experience Cloud.

Thunder Experience Cloud
Creative Management Platform

Production and workflow automation for ad experiences

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Create smart, decision-based marketing campaigns that drive engagement

Ad Serving

Dynamic ad server for people-based personalization

Experience Measurement

People-based tracking of full ad experience

An Internet Without Bad Ads

Thunder’s mission is to solve bad ad experiences and to one day, have an internet free of bad ads. To that end, Thunder has joined, as the only creative ad technology company, the Coalition for Better Ads which is an industry group aiming to end intrusive and destructive advertising practices.