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Identify and execute campaigns that work

Customer-obsessed brands use Tinyclues to predict where their marketing will be efficient and make the right decisions about CRM planning, tactical campaigns and omnichannel customer activation.

Making Marketing Heroes

Robots won’t replace marketers anytime soon. Automated triggers and journeys are useful but account for less than 10% of the messages that brands send to their customers.

What is the goal of the remaining 90%? Turning dynamic business priorities into compelling stories that resonate with customers who weren’t actively buying. This is real marketing and it is a job for humans.

For too long, this process wasn’t informed by customer data. Tinyclues is providing the technology to fix that.

Bridge the gap from raw customer data to successful marketing actions

Tons of customer data, but a campaign plan solely driven by business priorities. Sounds familiar? Tinyclues uses deep learning to bridge the data-action gap. It starts from your raw customer data, understands the specifics of your business and makes your marketing smarter.

Level up your marketing stack

Tinyclues adds the missing intelligence layer to your existing customer activation stack. Its connectors with the most popular marketing solutions (commerce clouds, ESPs & activation channels, CDPs) make setting up Tinyclues a lightweight project.