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DSGVO konforme Webanalyse ohne Cookies!
Analysis and evaluation of the visitor statistics of your website – very simple and 100% GDPR compliant.
TRACKBOXX – Visitor tracking Made in Germany.

Website analysis: simple and GDPR compliant
Trackboxx is a simple and effective way to record and analyze the visitors of your website. With Trackboxx, we offer you a web analytics solution that is GDPR compliant, does not require a content banner and, thanks to the clear dashboard, quickly and clearly shows what is happening on your website.

Opt-in banner? Not necessary for the Trackboxx!
The Trackboxx works without cookies! In addition, we do not store any personal data! This means that you do not have to mention Trackboxx in any Consent Banner. If you do not use any other program that collects personal data, you can completely disable the opt-in option.

Easy to understand Web Analytics
The Trackboxx is a quickly understandable tool that makes it easy for you to track what exactly is happening on your website. Even though our motto is “simplicity is king”, it is still possible to create more complex analyses with Trackboxx. The software is based on a modern and high-performance solution, which is able to process billions of page views due to our server architecture and our worldwide CDN network.

Easy To Use
The Trackboxx shows you simply and clearly what is happening on your website. Even complex analysis are no problem.

Top Performance
Our tracking script has been developed and programmed so that it does not affect or slow down your website at any time.

Worldwide CDN
Through our worldwide CDN, we ensure that the tracking script is always delivered quickly and effectively.

For The Future
Our team will actively develop the Trackboxx further and provide many new and helpful features for you.

No Tracking Gaps
Because you don’t have to provide an opt-in/out option to proactively track users, there are no tracking gaps like there are with “classic” tools like Google Analytics.

Do you have questions, suggestions or are you interested in a special feature? Then contact us. We will be happy to help you and offer you individual support.