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A Complete Facebook Marketing Toolkit For Shopify Store Owners

If you own a Shopify Store, then your profit depends on how optimized your ad campaigns are. Trackify is an all-in-one Facebook pixel app for Shopify, designed to help Shopify store owners, just like you, easily install your Facebook pixel in your store and use amazing pixel features to run highly targeted, optimized ad campaigns.

Give Your Facebook Pixels Superpowers With These TRACKIFY Features!

Pixel Integration Simplified

Connect your Facebook Pixel with your Shopify store in minutes.

Ready . Aim . Fire

Run super-targeted ad campaigns and create better look-a-like audiences by controlling ‘pixel fires’ with tracking tags!

Pixel Backup Just in Case…

With Pixel Backup, you can protect your optimization data by assigning another pixel with event data that ‘mirrors’ your primary pixel!

Build Custom & Lookalike Audiences

Quickly create multiple audiences for your facebook advertising from within Trackify on basis of a tag or a pixel.

Easily Create & Sync Your Facebook Product Catalog

Create Feed
Fix Errors
Hit Save!
Dynamic Ads

Boost Remarketing With Custom DPA’s

Get more conversions from your remarketing campaigns by using Trackify’s custom DPA’s feature.

More Features!

Switch to 0, 10% or Full Conversion Reporting In Few Clicks

Get your desired revenue reporting in your Facebook Ad Manager with a simple toggle!

Track More Events With Ninja Mode

Never miss a Facebook event on your Shopify store with Trackify Ninja Mode, which makes your pixel fire fast. Really fast!

Get Tag-Specific & Pixel Specific Reports

Measure the performance of your campaigns with Trackify – Facebook Pixel App For Shopify, built-in reporting module that tells you exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Create up to 20% Look-a-Likes!

Got a great Facebook audience that you would like to expand in your ad sets? Use Trackify’s 20% Look-a-like audience builder feature.

Up Your Facebook Ads Game

Measure, Optimize, and Convert Traffic from your ads budget!

See Trackify In Action
Watch Thomas Bartke, aka The Pixel Whisperer,
walk you through Trackify – Facebook Pixel App
for Shopify and how it can help your Shopify store
generate more revenue!

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