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We help you make profitable decisions.
We empower retailers to drive forward-looking decisions by aggregating and demystifying predictive data.

What To Buy
Track your competitors. Listen to influencers. Unlock consumer demand. Discover trends.

How Much To Buy
Know if a trend is a top door or all door buy. Analyze your competitors with one click.

When To Buy
Capitalize on trends when the time is right.

Discover new and emerging trends
Trendalytics leverages signals in Google Trends, social media, and ecomm market data to predict which trends are emerging and which have reached their peak.

Automate your comp shopping process
Trendalytics gives you the ability to analyze competitors’ products, colors, assortment breadth, and pricing.

Support your merchant gut
Understand at a glance where a trend is in its life cycle: when it peaks; is it growing, declining, or stable; its velocity on social media.

Become a trend insider
Our industry experts provide weekly data-driven trend reports and monthly intelligence reports.