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TREND’IN sends you email alerts when words, phrases, sequence of words are mentioned in a Linkedin post (or in a shared article).

Trendin. It’s a simple tool that alerts you as soon as a specified term is mentioned on Linkedin.

Why should you use TrendIN?

– to be alerted when someone talks about your company (without it being tagged)

– to identify posts of potential prospects (who are looking for a “sales trainer” for example)

– to find potential employers (e.g. by searching for the keywords “recruitment” and “export”)

– to follow publications about a competitor

The uses are multiple, it’s up to you to invent them!

How does it work?

1 – Set up to ten terms that you want to track on Linkedin

2 – Trendin notifies you about new mentions every day

3 – Trendin also indicates the level of influence of the author of the mention

Trendin makes sure you don’t miss any business opportunities and lets you control your brand image on Linkedin.

Warning, this extension can only work if you are connected to Linkedin. You can close your Linkedin tab. However, if you disconnect from your account by leaving your tab, the TrendIN extension will not work.