Trust Pulse


Trust Pulse – Grow Your Business With Honest Marketing
Leverage the true power of social proof to instantly
increase site conversions by up to 15%!Simple Setup, Real Results
TrustPulse is the honest marketing platform that leverages and automates the real power of social proof to instantly increase trust, conversions and sales.

Instant Lift
See an immediate boost in every conversion behavior.

Real-Time Tracking
Display live, verified customer activity instantly on your site.

Showcase Activity
Track and highlight real purchases, signups and more.

Smart Targeting
Display social proof to the right people at the right time.

Flexible Design
Use out-of-the-box, or customize every detail.

No Code Needed
Create notifications and set them live in under 5 minutes.

Why Use TrustPulse?
98% of visitors leave your website without taking any conversion action,
and 70% never return because they don’t believe you can be trusted. Increase subscribers
and sales with TrustPulse – the best social proof app to skyrocket your conversions.

Social proof is powerful
92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer. If you’re not leveraging social proof on your website right now, then you’re missing out!

See instant results
Setting up TrustPulse is so easy – it takes less than 5 minutes flat. Once TrustPulse is live on your site, you can boost conversions by as much as 15%.

Flexible + Reliable
Use TrustPulse as-is out of the box, or customize every detail to match your branding. Reliably track any event on your website the instant it happens.

Backed by a trusted team
TrustPulse is brought to you by the team behind OptinMonster, powerful lead generation software trusted by over 700,000+ websites.