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Decode Human Moments
Twentify is a consumer research company allowing brands to collect in-the-moment insights by reaching more than 1.5 million consumers around the world.

Using Twentify’s mobile consumer panel, brands can understand their target audience’s behavior and thoughts, and receive feedback on their products, marketing and brand initiatives.

Growth-focused Research
Twentify allows brands to uncover growth opportunities and achieve an insights-based growth by accessing consumers directly.

Using Twentify consumer research solutions, you can conduct research studies to solve business problems and gather growth-focused insights with analysis models.

Bounty app, used by 1,500,000+ consumers worldwide, enables you to gather direct feedback.

Twentify’s customer dashboard allows you to access the details of your project in real-time and using dynamic filters, you can analyze answers by yourself to generate insights.

With Twentify, brands can support business decisions with consumer insights, and identify growth opportunities.

Consumer Understanding Research
‣ Behavior

‣ Preferences

‣ Pulse

Product Research
‣ Idea Testing

‣ Product Testing

‣ Packaging Testing

‣ Pricing Research

Brand Research
‣ Awareness

‣ Perception

‣ Name Testing

Communications Research
‣ Claim Testing

‣ Scenario Testing

‣ Celebrity Testing

‣ Pre/Post Advertising Testing

Shopper Understanding Research
‣ Enter Survey

‣ Exit Survey

‣ In-store Experience

Gather Insights In Four Steps
Powered by direct consumer access and technology, brands can gather growth-focused insights from Twentify within four steps.

By attaching technology with scientifically proven research models, Twentify brings sophistication and simplicity together. With only four steps, you can conduct consumer-focused consumer research studies, gather insights, and make successful business decisions.

Hundreds of companies from the US, Canada, and Turkey are preferring Twentify for their market research projects.