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Drive Communication’s Impact
with AI-powered Content Intelligence

Ubermetrics’ Content Intelligence platform provides digital communicators with data and insights for effective campaigns

Content Intelligence enables a 360-degree view of content

Content Intelligence helps to achieve communication and business goals

Insights generated with Content Intelligence make workflows more efficient

Content Intelligence optimises the Content Lifecycle

The Fastest and Most Comprehensive Media Monitoring Product Available Today

Measure conversation volume and sentiment, find key influencers, and identify topics that resonate with target customers.

All in real time.
Online Media Monitoring

Ubermetrics Delta extracts data from more than 460 million online sources including blogs, news, forums, academic and scientific journals, press releases and social channels such as Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Foursquare. With Ubermetrics you can even capture comments from YouTube, Facebook, and major online news sources.


TV, Radio, and Print Monitoring

Monitor more than 450 international TV and Radio channels, 1.000 podcasts, and more than 1.000 print publications, including government filings and records.

Lightning Speed and Performance

Ubermetrics Delta Media Monitoring Tool is designed to scale. Our proprietary infrastructure processes more than 40.000 relevant mentions per minute to help you optimize your business decisions in real time.

Locate the Conversations that Matter to You

Ubermetrics Delta uses proprietary algorithms to analyze virality based on the number of links, retweets, and comments and visualizes content spread across media segments so that you can quickly spot the content that matters most.