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any types of
videos made.
With speed & quality. Without the eye-popping price.
200+ Creators. 20+ Video Specialists.

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Stuff you can get with UNYQUE

Why should your next video be with UNYQUE?

Hand Vetted Talent
Only 1 out of 3 creators get to be on our platform. Our rigorous enrollment process ensures that only the best get in. We are about the quality of the talent, not volume.

The Best Team
Once you action the project, we scout our creator network for just the right set of individuals and form your A-team! Rest assured, you get the best guys on the job.

Non-Opportunistic Pricing
Whether you are a big brand or small, you are equal to us. Our pricing won’t differ owing to who you are – be it a start-up or a Fortune 500. We like to play it fair.

Video Specialists
Our video specialists are more like wizards of the video world. They will be your light in the dark and ensure that your needs are met – be it hiring a video talent or getting a video made.

Assured Quality
Our service comes with quality assurance, irrespective of the scope, style, creators or the size of your billing!

Tools that empower you

Get talent on demand
Our network of creators is as diverse as the videos that you may need. And our Video Specialists have quick access to these creators and can assemble your video team at short notice.

Browse 100+ reference videos
Saw a video that you liked but only remember certain aspects of it? Maybe the music was great or the script struck a chord. Happens to all of us; and thats why we created our reference library of the best videos across genres which helps us find the right reference for your project.

Manage projects on-the-go
This one’s still in the works, but very soon you will be able to manage your entire project online – no need to talk to anyone. From sending your brief to approving the quote to signing off the project everything can be done online and on-the-go!

Be on the same page
Don’t be in the dark about the status of your project. If you wish to, you get to be a part of our Project Room where all the action is View scripts, share your thoughts, approve storyboards or even review your video – all in one place!

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