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Insights. Reimagined.

A platform to stay in touch with your target market and find your next great idea.

Build, launch, and analyze all in one place. AI-powered results in minutes.

Idea screen with ease

Why type when you can swipe? Find your next great idea with a mobile-first interface that speaks to your customers in their own language. Results that speak to you in yours, leveraging trade-off analytics in our intuitive dashboard.

Surveys are out. Conversations are in.

Leverage AI to keep a finger on the pulse. Have a conversation with your customers to see what’s important and what’s not. Share-ready insights broken down with sentiment, keyword analysis, and easy to understand graphics.

Share your data-driven story in just a few clicks.

Go beyond the raw data with automated results that transform advanced analytics into intuitive reporting.

Test what you need to know, when you need it.

Whether you’re honing in on package design, launching a new social campaign, or just need to check in with your customers, Upsiide has the tools you need to get feedback. Fast.

DesignProducts, logos, packaging, user experience, anything visual.

Branding & PositioningFrom names to claims, all things brand.

Ads & MarketingCopy, stimuli, video, all things marketing.

Consumer FeedbackQuickly check in with your target market anytime, for any reason.