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3D & AR Commerce

Manage and deploy 3D & AR content frictionlessly –
everywhere your customers shop.

Make the most of your 3D eCommerce strategy.

Digital merchandising is now three-dimensional.  Vertebrae’s end-to-end solution empowers brands and retailers to create, manage, distribute, and optimize 3D & AR commerce experiences.  Deliver a better shopping experience across all sales channels, driving increased consumer confidence and conversion.

Answer key consumer questions with
3D & AR visualization and try-on.

Add augmented reality to the purchase journey for enhanced consideration,
giving digital shoppers access to physical product experiences.

How big is it? Does it look good in my space?
Enable product visualization to gauge style and fit.
How do these look on me?
Allow shoppers to virtually try-on your products in AR.
3D Asset Pipeline & 3D Vendor Management

Whether you are starting from scratch, or managing thousands of 3D artists across the globe – Vertebrae supports your needs. Tap our network of 3D artists for asset creation. Then preview, QA, and provide feedback – all from our integrated platform. Or onboard your internal and external 3D teams to manage all asset production and deployment from one place.