VisualDNA A Nielsen Company

VisualDNA A Nielsen Company

VisualDNA A Nielsen Company


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Discover your personality now

Modern Segmentation
We enable you to understand who your customers are, and how they think using rich Demographics, Intent, Interests and Personality (DIIP) data. We can enable you to engage each customer with relevant experiences that truly resonate, so you can grow your business.

Data for media targeting
We are compatible with all major trading desks so you can instantly reach real customers with creative campaigns. Our data consists of precise and comprehensive demographics combined with rich psychographics giving a window into who people really are, and what will move them.

Increase the value of ad inventory
VisualDNA transforms generic audiences into specific ones by adding a layer of contextual data – demographics, intent, interests and personality (DIIP). We can give publishers a picture of their audience that outperforms other methods of targeting by a factor of ten.