Web Content Management System

Web Content Management System

Web Content Management System


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Easily maintain your website…

CMS is WebSite Hosting at it’s best. CMS is a system that provides website content management for your organization or business website without technical knowledge. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser. Our Content Management System is used by Churches, Private and Public schools, Business, Clubs, Home Owner Associations and Families.

The Web Content Management System (CMS or WCMS) is a searchable website hosting solution that allows you to focus on your business. This affordable solution was designed specifically for Businesses and Organizations who need a professional web presence, without spending thousands on website designers, hosting and maintenance. CMS goes far beyond you basic website, the system allows you to logon to the website and edit content directly from your browser.

Access Control

CMS has the concept of user groups and roles, which allows you to delegate who or which group of people are responsible for maintaining specific pages on the website. User groups can also be used to determine which people are authorized to see certain pages within the website. For example if you want to make the minutes of a board meeting available to the attendees, you can publish the meeting minutes to the website and set the page restriction to the “Board Member” user group. When board members logon to the site they will have access to the minutes, while anonymous users and members of other groups do not.