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Email and Data Solutions

For Email Marketers
Stay in the inbox with email list cleaning tools.

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For CRM Directors
Enhance CRM data with email append, phone append and postal append.

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For Advertisers
Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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Email Hygiene

Identify hidden and malicious threats like spam traps that email verification alone can’t identify

Email Verification

Protect your sender reputation by identifying risky invalid, fake, mis-typed emails

Data Enhancement

Append accurate customer and prospect data for better sementation and targeting

Audience Data

Target individuals, increase ad relevancy and create new revenue streams

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A Complete Guide to Data Appends

Quality data provided with a data append service can empower you to market more confidently, create a better-personalized experience, and improve profitability, Learn how a data append service can help your business.

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Where our data comes from


Our data is self-reported by the invidual. That means it comes from the tings like surveys, questionnaires, and interviews. Unlike modeled data, this ensures the ultimate in data accuracy.


Each piece of data, such as email address, home, or IP address is linked to a single person. Each person’s linked data is collected in a profile and scored based on its overall accuracy.


This includes age, gender, interest, geographical location, etc. These facts are linked to an identifying piece of information, such as a hashed email address that can be leveraged to improve the performace of marketing campaigns.

See how our data help you develop new campaign revenue streams.

The Highest in Data Accuracy and Quality

Third-Party Verified

Third-party consumer intelligence organizations, such as Trushsetm have ranked Webbula as a top performer in data accuracy.

Data Cleansed

Protect your sender repuation by identifying risky invalid, fake, mistyped emails

Data Updated Daily

Append accurate customer and prospect data for better segmentation and targeting

The Complete Guide to Email Hygiene