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Test your product messaging with real people
B2B companies use Wynter to convert more prospects by improving the words they use.

Wynter tells you how your messaging is landing on the people you market to. Target people by title and industry. Results in 12-48 hrs.

Start seeing your product the way your customers see it.
Wynter gets you data from real people on where your messaging misses the mark, so you can fix it and convert more customers.

Conduct message testing for website, ad, and email copy
Learn more about your target customers through surveys
Test with verified B2B audiences: target by job title and industry

Learn how your messaging lands on your target customers.
High quality and fast feedback from your ICPs on your messaging effectiveness.

Validate your messaging
Learn whether your messaging hits home or falls flat (and why) with the target audience.

Stand out from the competition
Get to messaging that is differentiated from your competition and the larger ecosystem.

Get to internal consensus
Put an end to internal debates, get data on what messaging actually works with the target customer.

Get to targeted message for each segment
Test your messaging with each target group, get to the right message for all channels and customers.

Speed up go-to-market feedback loops
Rapid feedback on any aspect of your go-to-market strategy. Results in just 12-48 hrs

Identify pain points and desired gains
Use surveys to identify and validate pain and benefit statements with target customers.

The symptoms of ineffective messaging aren’t easy to spot.

You probably measure every imaginable metric, but how do you know your messaging is working?

Wynter will tell you.

B2B research panels: target audiences by job titles, industry, company size
Tap into our proprietary, hand-validated B2B panel – a large network of screened professionals.

Target 30+ job functions. New audiences added monthly.

Win with better messaging
They use Wynter for insights and impact
B2B companies use Wynter to build messaging that works.