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With thousands of organizations using our software, XWiki is the leader of professional and collaborative open source solutions worldwide.

Structured Wiki

The best way to organize information. XWiki innovates with the “Structured Wiki” concept and brings the highest information organization features to your company.

Collaborative culture

Only a true collaborative tool will help build your collaborative culture. XWiki’s software offers the perfect tools to building a collaborative culture in your company.

Services for your success

Collaboration does not stop at software. Our team will bring you a process and the right approach, backed up by our 15 years experience of building collaborative projects.

Standard Solutions

Looking to quickly start with information management? Take a pick from our ready-to-use solutions that have been specifically developed to streamline your collaboration. Fast-track the achievement of your goals with our offers today:

XWiki Standard
Business Apps & Connectors
XWiki Pro
XWiki Procedures
XWiki Cloud