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Grow Your Audience and Revenue Without Compromising Quality
Audience Development
Promote 100% Relevant Content

You won’t find any misleading or distasteful offers. We only promote high quality content from other top publishers.

Unlimited Widget Customization

Our expert editors manually approve every article based on your editorial team’s preferences, before they ever appear on your site . Once curated, all content is optimized for relevance by our algorithm.

Grow Your Audience For Free!

The more articles consumed on ZergNet by your users, the more free traffic we send your site. Some partners receive millions of free clicks a month, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in audience acquisition costs.

Engaged Readers

Only genuine, highly engaged users from partners you trust are sent to your site. Our partners consistently report that our audience is the stickiest among all other acquisition channels!

Content Monetization
Great CPMs and 100% Fill Rates

No need to worry about integrating multiple partners. We always have great content to show and pay out some of the highest rates in the industry.

Unlimited Widget Customization

Our units can be styled and sized to fit perfectly in any page location. Including In-feed, Custom Native and Standard Display ad slots.

One Simple Integration

Just copy and paste our lightweight widget code to your page. Once integrated, styling can be updated on the fly without using any developer resources.

Realtime Reporting

Use the ZergNet dashboard to track and optimize revenue, along with device and geo information.