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Never miss a growth opportunity

Zeta Global is a data-powered marketing technology company that combines the third largest data set (2.4B+ identities) with results-driven AI to unlock consumer intent, personalize experiences, and drive customer acquisition, retention and growth.


Know when the consumer is in market.
Our real-time deterministic identity data combines with AI to cultivate intent and churn signals from 200M+ identities in the US and over 2B+ identities globally.


Engage the consumer individually, with confidence.
Learn who to target and create experiences across every channel to deliver real-time personalization at scale, driving superior outcomes.


Understand what to do next, in real-time.
Deterministic attribution allows for unmatched measurement of all marketing investments, continuously improving performance with our industry-leading, always-on feedback loop.

The Zeta Marketing Platform provides a real-time view of prospects and customers, leveraging AI to create personalization in every channel at unparalleled depth and scale.