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Ready to create
beautiful email signatures?

Over 237,000 Professionals use Gimmio’s Email Signature Generator

Powerful Layout Control
If an email signature can be created in HTML, it can be created much quicker with Gimmio’s Email Signature Creator!

There’s a reason many web designers trust and use Gimmio to create beautiful signatures for their clients!

Infinite Styling Options

Over 1000 Carefully Selected Fonts
Web compatible and stylish!

Over 2046 Social Icon Variations
We can add even more social icons on request!

Add Spacing or Borders to Any Field
Good design is all about spacing after all!

Infinite Images, Social Icons and Banners
Add as many as you like with the click of a button!

Perfect for Web Designers and
Marketing Agencies
Simplify and accelerate your workflow by 75%.

So you’ve finished your email signature design and started coding, only for your customer to ask for some ‘small’ revisions.

With Gimmio’s Email Signature Tool… No problem!

Design straight in Gimmio
No need to transfer from Photoshop!

Instantly share the design with your customer and even make adjustments in real time!

Bulk Imports NEW!
Import customer employee info in one step with a wide variety of table based formats
(Active Directory, CSV, Excel, etc.)

Add your logo and theme to our completely unbranded, white-labelled site. *
* Available on all Marketing / Web Design Agency plans

Distribute Changes Instantly
Hire a new employee?.. 86 new employees?
You can instantly create signatures from a template and send the signatures out to multiple staff members at once!

Rebranding? Moving Address?
That’s instant too! Use our email signature maker to change the design and send signatures to your staff in a click.

Advertise a sale or listing for a month, then just revert back to the original signature!
You can save your own custom layouts, allowing you to add a sales banner, then revert back to the original when the sale is over. Custom layouts also allow you to do split testing!