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Improve your conversion rate with the World’s leading Form Analytics tracking & optimisation tool
Understand when, where and why users abandon your form or checkout
Import your audience segments for granular insights
Easy to install; Works out of the box with 95%+ of web forms

A specialized product designed to strengthen your existing insight
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Zuko is an analytics platform designed for one purpose – to help you understand visitor behaviour in all of your online forms.

‍Zuko’s form analytics will give you unparalleled insight, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions on how to drastically improve the user experience of your forms and increase your conversion rates.

Zuko works with your forms, no matter how they are built, and can be installed quickly, giving you access to insights within minutes of set up.

Who should be using Zuko?
Zuko can provide insight into any type of online form, but customers that benefit most from Zuko are ones where their form:

Is long, or complex
Cannot be cut down significantly
Is not trackable by other UX and analytics products
Has a high cost per aquisition
Exists within a competitive market
Forms a vital part of the online customer journey
Zuko is industry, form type and technology agnostic, so can fit easily within the toolkit you are already using. It is easy to set up, but offers the power and flexibility of an enterprise-level SaaS product.


If online forms are a vital part of your online journey, you need the best insight.
We’ve built a platform with one specific purpose – to improve your online forms.

Zuko can help you answer the following questions:

What fields cause my users to abandon?

What error messages are being shown, and how often?

What fields do users return to most?

What field takes most time to complete?

How do different devices interact with our form?

Can I be alerted when my form breaks?

What route do users take through our form?

Which step of our journey to people most abandon?

What fields are the most problematic for our users?

How can I improve the UX and conversion rate of my form?

We’re not looking to replace your existing User Experience, testing and analytics toolkit – we’re looking add to it, strengthen and enrich the data you already have, and make your understanding of online user behaviour the best it’s ever been. You can use Zuko alongside your existing stack, to fill a gap in your understanding.

Improve conversion rates and UX
Zuko will provide a new quantitative source of data that will supercharge your conversion rate improvement efforts. Actionable insights from Zuko can lead to huge results on your site.

Conduct more effective A/B tests
Zuko will provide better testing hypotheses by providing you with field-level customer insight. You can compare A/B test version results in Zuko too – know why, not just which test won.

Fill the gap in your analytics stack
For too long you’ve not known exactly why your form journey does not convert. Now, you can truly understand how your form is performing, and measure it over time.

We can also offer our expert guidance and advice on your forms (with or without Zuko)

The Formisimo team who built Zuko have spent years understanding the world’s online forms and checkouts.

As well as building the market leading form analytics platform, they’ve also worked with hundreds of clients to improve the conversion rate and UX of their forms and have seen what works, common pitfalls and quick wins.

The team can do a thorough review of your online forms and checkouts and provide you with a report outlining guidance on where to improve your current user experience.

You can find out more on our Consultancy page

GDPR compliant by design
Leading financial services organisations trust Zuko. If your organisation has more complex security requirements then our team will work within your security processes.

Zuko is interested in user behaviour, but not the information that a user enters into your forms. We don’t track or store personal information, not even the IP address of the user, so our platform is fully GDPR compliant.

No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is transmitted or stored.
Zuko measures user behaviour and does not store user data.
ISO 27001 Data Center.

Works with all forms
Zuko has been engineered to work with all online forms regardless of how they are built and rendered, so can track:

Single Page Apps (SPAs)
Form built using React.js
Forms behind logins or session based forms
Forms where content or inputs are loaded in dynamically
Inputs contained with a <div> rather than a <form></form></div>
Forms with dynamic field attributes
Even if you’ve struggled to track your form with other products, Zuko in almost all cases will be able to provide insight without any lengthy set up.