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3 steps to powering your Marketing Life Cycle with Analytics
Learn how to build a layer of business critical insights over your marketing life cycle to achieve your marketing goals.

KPI dashboards—an indispensable business enabler: 52:36

Align IT monitoring metrics and business KPIs using Advanced Analytics: 46:40

Bridging the 4 gaps in Social Media before Business As Usual: 46:39

A Holistic Approach to Sales using Analytics: 58:50

The 5 key elements of successful BCPs: 54:19

How Sales Analytics Drives Revenue Growth: 52:11

Top 7 BI trends to watch in 2020: 48:18

5 Must Have Inventory Reports for Online Sellers: 44:09

Unified Analytics: A Core Need for Businesses Today: 57:59

AI and the Future of Business Analytics: 58:24