Google Analytics Checklist

Google Analytics Checklist

Google Analytics Checklist

Google Analytics Checklist
What analytics tools are installed?
First, let’s get an understanding of what tools are already installed.

Don’t just take someone’s word.

Usually, you’ll find tools that were once tried and later forgotten. This slows down sites and leads to conflicts.

What has BuiltWith found? What has BuiltWith found?
Document any analytics shown in BuiltWith to the right.

What scripts are in the source code?What scripts are in the source code?
Go to your homepage.
Right click > View Source
CTRL+F and search for .js
Itemize the names of script files that you see. Note any libraries that don’t serve a clear purpose as issues to the right. Learning the purpose of each library may require a developer.

It’s best practice to leave a comment beside each script file describing its purpose.

Were there unused scripts/tools?Were there unused scripts/tools?
Remove all unused tools/scripts identified using the methods above.

Is Google Analytics configured?
In the next section, we’ll set Google Analytics’ native features.

Create a free Google Analytics account if none exists.