10 Killer Ecommerce Tactics to Add to Your Website

10 Killer Ecommerce Tactics to Add to Your Website

10 Killer Ecommerce Tactics to Add to Your Website

10 Killer Ecommerce Tactics to Add to Your Website
Are you more likely to buy from a company that proves they know and value you – as an individual – or one that just utters meaningless platitudes like “we care about your business?”

The way to show customers you know them is by showing that personal, meaningful, individualized experiences are your priority when they visit, browse, and buy on your website. And personalization directly correlates with increased transactions, revenue, and brand loyalty:

➔ 89% of U.S. marketers recently said that personalization on their websites resulted in revenue increase.
➔ Marketers personalizing their customers’ website experiences (and who can quantify the improvement) see approximately 19% uplift in sales.
➔ 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on previous buying behavior, or that demonstrates knowledge of their previous transactional history.

If the way to consumers’ hearts (and wallets) is personalization, then how can we actually get there?

There are several ways to leverage what’s called artificial intelligence marketing to incorporate personalization across your ecommerce website design– and at scale across all your marketing channels.

We’ll break down ten unique ways to use AI-enabled marketing automation tech to create killer personalized experiences. Our tactics will fall into these categories:

Gaining the right insight – Use past buyer behavior to gain actionable insights
Product recommendations – Predict future behavior and make intelligent product recommendations
Omnichannel experiences – Let consumers pick up where they left off, regardless of device or stage in the buyer journey
Incentives – Offer personalized deals and incentives
Website as a channel – Pose customized exit-intent popups as a last-ditch effort to capture a conversion
Retargeting and re-engagement – Get interested consumers back to your website