SaaS Content Marketing

SaaS Content Marketing: Why You Should Focus on Bottom of the Funnel First to Drive Signups
If you talk to content marketers at SaaS companies (both in-house and other agencies), almost everyone will tell you that you need to focus on top of the funnel content first.


Because most marketers assume everyone starts at the top of the funnel and slowly makes their way down the funnel via nurturing and more content.

The logic typically sounds like this: “Well first, the customer needs awareness: They need to know about the problem. Then, they need to consider different options: Look for solutions. Then they’ll convert: Sign up to try your solution.”


Yes, in theory, every single customer for any product goes through these stages.

But here is the big fallacy marketers fall prey to: Marketers think their company needs to be the one to educate all potential customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey, starting at the top. This is not true, and it results in a huge waste of resources on content marketing that does little to help get trials or demos.

In reality, unless your SaaS business is truly creating a completely new category (which is extremely rare, as we argue below), other companies and individuals have already educated a large number of your prospects on top of the funnel topics. These prospects already know why they need to invest in your category, who the big players are, and how it would help them. These educated prospects are not at the top of the funnel. They don’t need top of the funnel content. Yet they are the best prospects you have.