Discover, Curate And Distribute Top-Notch, Relevant Content That Your Target Audience Wants To Read.
Spend Less Time Sharing More Content
That Makes Your Brand Stand Out

What is Content Curation ?
Content curation is the process of finding and compiling existing content on topics that are relevant to your audience and industry or niche. It’s a way to create content that’s not only effective, but also easier to do.

Discover High Quality Fresh Content
Auto-magically get your hands on relevant content in real-time. Each time. Every-time.

Create Customized content streams
Easily manage your content sources or add new ones with a click of button.

Tap Into AI For Content Suggestions
Our AI learns your preferences and suggests valuable content that interests your target audience.

Review Content The Smart Way
Quickly review and choose the right articles to share.

Focus On The Content Minus The Distraction
Our readable view makes your curation process hassle-free without having to jump tabs.

Add Annotations for Better Engagement
Captions, hashtags, mentions or images … easily add annotations to enhance your post.

Collaborate with Your Team
Whether you run a small company or a big agency, our system lets you collaborate and curate with your team.

Leverage Multiple Platforms
Schedule and publish to multiple social media platforms in one quick go

Customize Annotations for Each Platform
Use custom annotations and captions for your social media shares on different platforms.

Track Performance
See how your posts perform and use the data to improve your future curation.