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This accredited Digital Marketing Course covers both basic to advanced principles of digital marketing that any business or sole proprietor needs to have in their tool chest in order to strive and survive in this ever-changing world of digital marketing.

The course will empower you to grow your current marketing knowledge, advance yourself in your career or improve your current presence on digital channels.

Who is this course suited for?

Working professionals wanting to understand the digital marketing space
Beginners looking to learn more about digital marketing strategy and execution
Existing marketing professionals wanting to up their game in digital marketing

In this Online Digital Marketing Course You will learn:

WordPress – learn how to get your website online and how to customise your website
Search Engine Optimisation – how to optimise your website to rank higher using on- page and off- page SEO techniques.
Paid (PPC) – how to design search and display advertising on Google’s ad platform and how to optimise them for best results using web analytics.
Social Media Marketing Management – how to advertise, write, manage and optimise social media marketing campaigns on different social media channels.
Email Marketing – how to design an effective email, segment your audience base and optimise your email marketing for performance.
Mobile Marketing – How to use your target market user behaviour to create mobile marketing advertising and marketing campaigns.
Digital Marketing Strategy – how to build a holistic campaign bringing in all elements of digital marketing to work with your business objectives and strategy.
Digital Copy Writing – how to write for your target audience on different mediums and channels for the web using best practice techniques.
Content Marketing – how to design compelling, unique and shareable content for different kinds of target markets.
Marketing Management – the fundamental concepts of marketing management and selling and how they tie in with digital marketing channels and technology-based thinking.