Email Marketing under GDPR

Email Marketing under GDPR

Email Marketing under GDPR


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Email Marketing under GDPR
What you need to know and do to continue email marketing with peace of mind now GDPR is active

We’re now post-May 25th – that’s not a reason to panic if you’ve not yet started your GDPR journey.

Many businesses haven’t – don’t worry you’re not alone.

What’s the course going to do for you?
Give you the knowledge you need to get your email marketing GDPR proof and maximise the amount of email marketing you’ll still be able to do
Give you the knowledge you need to get your cookies GDPR proof
Make sure you don’t do anything you shouldn’t post-May25th
(well, within what we know so far about the regs anyway!)

The aim is to help you quickly understand what you need to do and how to do it.
But GDPR is complicated…..
…and it’s a law – which means that no-one knows *exactly* what compliance is until it gets tested in the law courts.

That means it’s all a case of risk-balancing, so in this course you’ll get an understanding of what the risks are, and (where appropriate) different options for how to implement.

This course isn’t a set of do this / do that – you are going to have to do a little decision making along the way.

What are we going to be covering?

A set of easy to follow advice on what to do to make your email marketing ok under GDPR, including:
How to continue getting opt ins
How to continue being able to send broadcasts to your existing database (even if you’re starting the journey after May 25th)
How to capture the right data
How to get your privacy policy right
Where to use consent, and where to use legitimate interest (and what on earth that actually means!)
Cookies – getting them right for GDPR too
What’s in the course?
Video training sessions on all the key email marketing areas, and cookies.
Plus, checklists, downloads etc.

A Facebook group for you to ask questions in.