Increase Email Signups, AND build a converting Welcome Campaign

Increase Email Signups, AND build a converting Welcome Campaign

Increase Email Signups, AND build a converting Welcome Campaign


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Increase Email Signups – Learn & Implement Chloe’s easy system to increase Email Signups, AND build a converting Welcome Campaign

Need a straightforward, reliable way to increase your online sales?
Increasing your email sign up rate, and then using a well-crafted Welcome Campaign is a tried and tested way to bring new customers into your eCommerce business.

A surprisingly high number of businesses are failing to implement this no-brainer tactic, this course will help you step ahead of the pack.

This course will show you:

How to build the system for your own business.
How to get the welcome campaign emails just right for your customers, so that over 20% of them convert to buyers within 6 months of signing up
The optimisation process to get the email sign up rate on your website to over 5%
How to use other marketing methods to cost effectively drive more customers into your email list
Following the steps in this course will enable you to build an email marketing system that has the power to meet all your customer acquisition targets.

This is the single most important marketing strategy you will build this year.

What’s especially great about it is… once you’ve built it, it just keeps delivering. Week in, week out.

Secret Case Study…
One of my clients (who has to remain nameless – ah the suspense!) followed the methods in this course, they are now:

getting 22% of their signups to convert within 6 months of signing up
getting twice as many sign ups per week
The most amazing thing about this case study is… they haven’t done everything in the course yet!!

You can do this too.

This course is for you if…

You want to increase your new customer acquisition substantially
You know you need a Welcome Campaign, but just can’t work out what to say in it
You’re frustrated at how few of the visitors to your website actually buy
What’s included?

You can see the current, full content in the Class Curriculum below, but here’s the headlines:

Increase your email sign ups from your existing website traffic

Make it easy for visitors to sign up
How to use pop ups to increase sign up rate, whilst not annoying your customers! (or Google!)
Creating the best sign up form
What call to actions to use
The thank you page
Increase your email sign ups with offsite marketing

Increase email sign ups with Partnerships and Competitions
Advertising for email sign ups (including Facebook Lead Ads)
Converting 20% (or More!) of your sign ups – The Welcome Sequence

The first email
What content to include
How many to send
Who to send them to
To include an offer, or not…
And other sticky questions!

Full testing plan
Tech bonuses with instructions for specific website and email systems
PLUS – stacks of examples!

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