Administrative Support Virtual Assistant

Administrative Support Virtual Assistant

Administrative Support Virtual Assistant



I don’t know the word ‘quit.’ Either I never did, or I have abolished it.
-Trained Virtual Assistant;
-Data Entry Specialist;
-Managing Personal Tasks;
-Content Creation;
-Social Media Management;
-Social Media Accounts Creation and Optimization;
-Social Media Content Planning and Creation;
-Scheduling and Posting Social Media Content;
-Organic Social Media Marketing
– Website Creation, Optimization, and Management;
-Online Writing and Marketing
– SEO Setup; SEO On
-Page Optimization;
-SEO Off-Page Optimization (Backlinking);
-Lead Generation
– Basic Facebook Ads;
-YouTube Optimization;
-Basic Email Marketing;
– Web Researcher;
-Customer Service;
-Email Management.

My name is Nuie Gal, a trained freelancer specializing in Administrative Support Virtual Assistant. I have a few months of being a data entry specialist while assisting call agents of an Internet Service Provider. I also have five years of experience in teaching with different ages and different nationalities.

I do understand that companies and businesses today don’t just look to any credentials, trained, and experiences, but also a work that can show or delivered with quality for the business’ best interest. That is why I am here presenting my skills and a heart to be able to help you and your business.

1. Administrative support Data Entry, Project Management, Virtual Assistance
2. Virtual AssistantAdministrative work, Personal tasks, Content Creation, Managing Finances, Social Media Management, Research, Customer service, Email management
3. SEO ManagerDevelop and execute successful SEO strategies, SEO On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
4. Social Media ManagerSocial media Marketing, Website Creation, Optimization and Manager, Email Marketing, Youtube Optimization, Facebook Ads Online writing, and marketing.

Please feel free to contact oi. Hq’ll be an honor to serve you!

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