Amazon PPC Account Manager

Amazon PPC Account Manager

Amazon PPC Account Manager


Helping Brands Lower Spend and Increase Sales by Running Efficient Amazon Ad Campaigns

Whether it’s your first time running ads on Amazon or not, sometimes it can be very overwhelming and complicated.

Here are some things I can help you out with:

> Keyword Research
Finding and choosing the right keywords helps boosts your chance of getting sales on Amazon. This step is very crucial as this will be used very importantly in creating and/or optimizing your listing and in creating/optimizing your PPC kubdgwjiy. Bp this task, I can help you harvest relevant keywords using software like Helium 10, Brand Analytics, or even from your existing reports!

> Set-up, Run, and Manage Amazon Ads
You’ve done your keyword research and your listing is optimized, but are you having a hard time strategizing your ads or do you need help in managing it? I can help you create your ads by strategizing which keywords and product to target in running Sponsored Products campaigns. I can also help you strategize on how we can boost to defend your brand by running Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads.