Executive Virtual Assistant/Sales Professional

Executive Virtual Assistant/Sales Professional

Executive Virtual Assistant/Sales Professional



I aspire to help Amazon Sellers in growing their businesses by applying my skills and knowledge acquired from the mentorship program I am in under a group of Amazon Sellers led by a certified 8 figure Amazon Queen.

You might be looking for someone who can help you with:
– managing the operations of your Amazon seller central account.
– strategizing your campaigns to more profitable and income generating ads.
– daily monitoring and management of inventories.
– optimizing your listings and creation.
– finding potential winning products for your Amazon business.
– negotiating with the right suppliers to obtain the right products and services at a more reasonable prices.
– responding to customers’ needs and inquiries.

Below are my skills and online tools that I know.

1.) Amazon skill set
2.) Virtual Assistance
3.) Basic Social Media Management
4.) Lead Generation
5.) Basic SEO
6.) Simple Website Creation
7.) Basic Email Marketing

TOOLS used and know:
1.) Google Apps (Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Drive, Meet, Hangout, Calendar, Translate) 2.) MS Office
3.) Canva
4.) Hootsuite
5.) WordPress – for simple web design
6.) Jungle Scout
7.) Helium 10

*Willing to learn new skills, systems, and work processes.

I would love to hear from you and learn how I could be of help.