Filip G.


“We want the best. Better get the cheapest.” – No one, ever

You can hire a 22yo kid with dad’s money who started a “FB ads agency” yesterday.

Or you can hire someone who has done digital marketing professionally for over 10+ years with clients among Fortune 500s, fast-growing startups and small businesses alike and will never cheat you into thinking there is a cure-all for business growth in form of ads, automation, or any other one gimmick of the moment.

(This guy is me.)

Growth marketing takes an end-to-end mindset and a long term strategy. And after so many years of helping others, sometimes taking the easy road and failing, and sometimes achieving stellar success when strategy connects with excellent execution, I’m your best bet to achieve it.

Who am I?

I’m an experienced Full Stack Digital Marketer with over 2,800 Upwork hours in B2B and B2C. I can handle everything from strategy to implementation, from the top to the bottom of the funnel, from content to paid advertising to Messenger bot mapping and implementation.

As a digital marketing expert, I work closely with my clients on the full stack of digital marketing activities and areas:

+ I provide an integrated digital marketing strategy that takes into account your as-is and to-be situation
+ I help you define goals, KPIs and best way to reach them using a whole spectrum of possible channels and tactics: blogs, social media, email marketing, PPC, video, marketing automation
+ I design marketing funnels that take into account your our business goals, your buyer personas and specific points in your buyers’ journey.
+ I have the know-how to actually implement all of this having worked on countless projects with hours and hours of hands on experience.

As a media planner for one of the largest agencies in the world, Ogilvy, I worked with large Pharma, FMCG and kids’ toys clients from Fortune 500 companies, while as a freelancer I worked with a number of startups and family businesses.

(To namedrop a few: Mars, Fanta, THEO Technologies, Proxyclick, UNICEF…).

I am certified both in Inbound Marketing and Hubspot Marketing Platform by Hubspot, and I’m a Certified Hubspot Agency Partner (now known as Hubspot Solutions Partner).

I also hold the Social Media Certification from Hootsuite.

Major accomplishments:

– I managed content strategy and FB Ads lead gen for a SaaS startup with very good results (the number of overall leads increased 3x in the first months and has kept a steady growth rate)

– 10+ ROAS on FB Ads for a pet product business

– I published 3 bestselling Kindle ebooks on b2b marketing and social media marketing – ask me for a free copy.

– Lead generation campaign via LinkedIn worth $8m and 400% ROI in ecommerce using Facebook video ads.

– Amazing track record with Facebook Ads: routinely outperforming 90% of the competition with ROAS of 20, 30+. Custom audiences, retargeting campaigns, conversion pixels – I can help you master these and get the most out of your advertising budget.

(Along with that I can help you with advanced Facebook ads techniques: Facebook Canvas ads, Facebook Leads ads, Messenger ads, Carousel and Dynamic Product ads).

– Also well-versed in:
Google Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Bing Ads
YouTube Ads

Previously I have worked for years in general marketing/sales/PR/project management/account management for small start-ups, big multinationals, NGOs and government agencies.

So let’s strike up a chat, I first and foremost want to hear about you and your goals before I suggest any course of action.

(And I will never shoehorn a solution in order to close the deal.)

So reach out and let’s get started on building your next big thing.