Kati H.


If you’re reading this, maybe you’ve reached three critical conclusions every smart person eventually arrives at

Clicks are hard to get (and expensive to buy!)
Writing quality web copy is hard.
With no targeted strategy, producing content is a waste of time and money.

Without the right words, the skeleton of a real-world marketing campaign is a hollow digital carcass, without the beating heart that actually makes things move.

…and all the reasons you do what you do in your business doesn’t happen until your messaging converts.

DON’T WORRY… you’ve come to the right place.

I help hard-working entrepreneurs, consultants, and service-based businesses connect with their ideal audience by implementing proven copywriting techniques, so they start growing at a brisk pace.

With 6+ years in content creation and digital strategy consulting, it’s fun seeing brands acquire qualified prospects using simple content marketing funnels.

… and this is what clients are saying about my five-star results (right here on Upwork!)

“Varun is a professional’s professional. This is the first of many projects I plan to undertake with him.”
– Paul Oppong, Author & Management Consultant

“Varun gets the brief and accomplishes the task, No mucking around. …He is my go-to guy and I highly recommend Varun. You won’t regret…”
– Shinoj K, Realistic Marketing [Project #1]

“Very Fast to respond. Wrote a very sentimental about us for my website. Would 100% refer to anyone in need of a writer.”
– Alex H, Sykik

“I was VERY impressed with the work Varun completed for me.”
– Dustin H, The rock star academy

“Varun did a great job at humanizing our technology, for our target market.”
– Riya C, Lead Content, Now Floats

“The quality of work is exceptional. You will get the type of content you have been looking for. Superb feel and creativity.”
– Shinoj K, Realistic Marketing [Project #2]

“Varun did a tremendous job crafting the ultimate guide. One of the best writers I’ve seen on the platform. Highly recommended.”
– Danko K, SaaS Consultant

“Varun is a Genius. His writing is Brilliant. If you are thinking about hiring Varun, do not think twice. I often feel that I underpaid him.”
– Rohit Tripathi, Managing Director at Inkhive Designs

As a skilled writer and content marketing strategist, I have:
Produced scores of articles for entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, and consultants.
Successfully crafted conversion copy for websites, landing, & sales pages.
Launched blogs for startups (starting from scratch) and established businesses.
Ghostwritten books for professionals who want to build a rad brand.
Worked as a beta-tester for innovative products, services, and courses.

That’s why I am in a unique position to save your PRECIOUS TIME.

You see, unlike 90% of writers and strategists on freelance platforms; I’m a TRAINED professional — which means I’m perfectly positioned to be your “Unfair Advantage Over The Competition.”

A big claim! Yeah.

But trust me – I’ve been here a while and carefully studied what’s on offer (especially on upwork.)

Fact is, when you find an “average” writer to craft the copy/content/strategy for your business.

What you’ll end up with is a bunch of pretty words… but no real results.

That’s NOT what I’m here to do!

I have a carefully devised method to plug into the heads and hearts of your ideal prospects.

A mechanism that moves the reader to YES using voice-of-customer data, proven frameworks, and tested writing techniques.

… and a “conversion copywriting certification” from CopyHackers or “content marketing minidegree” from CXL are not the only reasons that I’m able to deliver top results,

I’ve also invested my precious time to acquire the “right” education, keenly studying the tactics of pros like John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, Gary Halbert, Joanna Wiebe, and Ash Ambirge.

… and with over six years of “rubber meets the road” experience working with a wide range of mass-market and niche businesses, I’ve been able to put all these learnings into action.

A trained writer should be able to look at your offering from an outsider’s point of view (to send the right message to the right prospect at the right time.)

This involves understanding human psychology, user avatars, target markets, and other forms of business skills. Clearly, there’s a lot more that goes behind the scenes than the naked eye can see.

Let’s figure out what problems you have… and then create custom-tailored solutions for those problems.

If you’re interested in finding out more or moving on to the next step, I’d love to hear what you’re looking for.

Contact me, and we can schedule a free 10-min call where I can try to understand your needs and see if we’re a good fit.

To your success,
Varun Sharma
I work with ecommerce brands and online entrepreneurs who want to make more money from email.

If you have the feeling your email list isn’t making you as much as it should, you’re probably right. But here’s the thing – most of your competitors aren’t making as much as they should from email either.

Right now, you have an opportunity to skip right ahead of them and up your conversions and revenue – just by sending a few emails.

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. I’ll need to dive deep into your data and get to know your customers inside-out before I plan and write your emails.

Here’s what we might do:

A non-creepy abandoned cart sequence to bring those ‘oops I got distracted’ buyers before you lose them forever (if you don’t have one of these yet, it’s the surest way to see some quick success).

A post-purchase sequence designed to up your retention rates by giving your customers the appreciation they deserve.

A nurture sequence designed to move new subscribers from tentative interest to full-on fandom.

Regular broadcast emails designed to entertain, flatter, surprise and simply keep you right at the top of your subscribers’ minds, week after week.

A launch sequence for your new course or product that’ll have people battering down your order form to get in before the cart closes.

What’s different about the way I write emails, compared to other copywriters and email marketers?

I don’t rely on heavy design to do the work – the copy’s what counts (have you ever bought something because you liked the pretty colours in the email? Me neither).

I write personal, story-based emails that allow your subscribers to laugh with you, cry with you and know that, when the time is right, you’ll be the PERFECT person for them to work with.

It’s not about selling hard every day. It’s not about sending dull newsletters that never sell or even get read. It’s about selling through realness, connection and empathy. And having a bit of a laugh along the way too (because if you can entertain your audience, why wouldn’t you?).

Does it work? I can tell you that I regularly achieve open rates of 80%+ on a nurture sequence, 50%+ on launch sequences and 40%+ on regular everyday broadcast emails. Click rates of 10 or 20% (sometimes more) are pretty common in my world too.

I’m also told I’m pretty good to work with too, getting comments from clients like:

“Alice is exceptionally talented and an expert in her field. She is intuitive, genuinely passionate about getting the best results for her clients and is very generous with her time. Her expertise is to be commended and I cannot recommend her work and her integrity highly enough.”


“I couldn’t recommend Alice highly enough as both a writer and a trainer! Alice turns plain copy into something exciting and enjoyable to read, her work is always on point and exactly what we need.”

When you’re writing emails that need to sell without compromising your integrity, ethics or the trusting relationship you have with your audience, this is what you really need your copywriter to do:

Carry out deep research into your audience and what they believe, feel and want.
Gain a perfect understanding of the language your audience uses AND your brand voice.
Write every email with the intention of helping your audience believe that you’re the one that can help them have the life they want and deserve.

When you work with me, I’ll kick off with a briefing call where I’ll dive deep into your business, audience and goals. I don’t have a standard briefing template or checklist – instead, I spend time before each call working out what unique questions I need to ask about YOUR business. That way, we don’t waste time talking about irrelevant stuff, and I don’t miss the good stuff I really need to know if I’m going to write copy that actually sells for you.

So, wanna work with me? Awesome….

Just one thing I need to know first. Are you open to me writing emails that treat your subscribers like friends? As that’s what I write – because who wants to read an email from a business when they could read one from a friend?

And are you also open to emailing probably just a little more often than you’re 100% comfortable with?

If so, we’re good to go. If you’d rather send out a fortnightly newsletter telling your subscribers about your latest team awayday, we’re probably not a good fit.

You should probably also know that I tend to be pretty fully booked with long-term clients, so it’s worth getting in touch sooner rather than later if you’d like to talk about working together.

I can sometimes squeeze in a small job within a week, but no guarantees. Waiting times for larger projects can be 4 weeks+.

Ready to have a chat? Drop me a message to let me know what you think you need.6+ Years Results-Focused Digital Marketing

Would you like to increase your online visibility? Enrich customer relationships? or generate more website traffic and leads?

Hi, I’m Kati, a native English speaker. I excel at listening to your big-picture goals and turning them into a winning digital marketing strategy.

Here’s Why You’ll Wish We Started Working Together Sooner

I only take on projects where I can provide real value and meet or exceed your goals. I won’t waste your time or mine.

I like to get things done before the deadline, and you can always count on me to be on time, every time.

I’ll be sure to ask the questions you didn’t even know needed answering so that we can get the job done right.

I’m a native English speaker with fantastic written and spoken English skills.

I focus on working with entrepreneurs and businesses who are empowering others. Mainly (though not exclusively) coaches who offer online courses. If you’re interested to find out more, book a call with me.

What People Say About Working With Me

“Kati is amazing. She has fantastic communication skills, her work ethic and level of performance were exceptional, and I will be hiring her for future projects.”
Shelly Terry


Brand Strategy And Ideal Client Package – To define your brand and find your people online.

Copywriting – Blogging | Website | Newsletters | Sales Pages | Social media | Podcast descriptions – SEO optimised content that speaks to your ideal customer.

Online Course Launch Plan And Execution

Social Media – Strategy, Content Creation, Curation, Page Set-up, Group Management, Graphics.

WordPress – Content Uploads & Minor Redesigns.


Analytics Reporting: Google Analytics | Google Trends | Answer the Public.

Email Marketing: Mailchimp | ConvertKit

Websites and Blogging: WordPress | Divi

Graphic Design: Canva.

Organisation: Google Drive and Google Sheets | Asana | Trello | Slack.

Social Media Management: Planoly | Hootsuite | Buffer | Later | Post Planner | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn.

Please feel free to send me a job invitation and we can schedule a call to discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit.

I look forward to helping your business harness the power of online marketing!

— Kati Harris
PS. For my client’s privacy, I intentionally keep a light portfolio on upwork.