Rachel E.


Does your brand need a voice? In the major leagues of the blogosphere, I run the content cartel. Classically-trained and idea-savvy, I lead a 9-year record of boosting sales for brands, including Paul Smith, Tiffany & Co. Perfume, Zoosk Online Dating and Sephora’s Blinc Cosmetics.

Basically, I’m batman.

While writing blog content for a Winner from Dancing with the Stars (identity is NDA-protected), I increased monthly readership by 300%, maximizing opportunities for sponsorships. Seven of these blog posts ranked on the 1st page on Google. During my work with Rocky Mountain Barber, I increased monthly web traffic by 100% and doubled conversions. Five of these blog posts currently rank on the 1st page of Google.

You want readers, shares and followers? Make me your shepherd, I’ll guide the sheep. Watch as they all fall into line! Too blunt? Au contraire, the fun has just begun!


My client’s goals are my goals. When you’re my client, we’re a team. Period.

As an academic and artist, I’m a serious professional who provides the best of both worlds: technical accuracy and creativity. I have my B.A in English, B.A in Art History and B.Ed in Education–along with my OCT qualification (Ontario Certified Teacher) for Language Arts.

Outside of blogging, when I’m not mutilating my keyboard (poor thing), I enjoy the following pursuits: mindlessly scrolling through Netflix, food-sampling at Costco and scrutinizing Game of Throne fan theories.


Here are some friendly guidelines I apply with all my clients. I don’t have this criteria to dignify myself from other writers (I assume they all do the same), I have them only to ensure a positive client experience.

– I do not charge fees for any research involved in writing an article
– All articles I write for you are 100% original. Any facts or quotes I use are properly cited according to MLA guidelines
– I include one round of revisions for each article for the purposes of fine-tuning the tone & style
– All content that you purchase belongs to you fully. Always.
– I do not charge any fees for finding images
– I’m familiar with all publishing platforms (Wix, WordPress, Shopify, Square Space, ect.) and all publishing practices: meta descriptions, meta tags, formatting, SEO keywords, ect.
– Don’t be embarrassed to ask me ANY questions! If you’re new to content marketing, I’m happy to advise on any decisions such as keywords, placement, titles, ect.


Blog writing: Dating, Beauty, Health, Grooming, Lifestyle, Culture, Art and Food

Content writing: Web content, branded content, copywriting

Fashion writing: Trend updates, product descriptions, fashion blog development, fashion blogger collaboration

Brand strategy: Brand image, brand guidelines, brand positioning and brand book development