AB Tasty


Revolutionize brand and product experiences

Build better websites, products, apps, software experiences

Build end-to-end experiences that drive growth across all digital channels. Marketing, product and engineering teams work together to deliver seamless user experiences with AB Tasty.

Marketing & Growth
Get more from your brand assets: increase conversions, CTR, AOV, forms filled, and revenue.

Product Managers
Build sticky apps and features customers adore: Drive engagement, adoption, product loyalty and revenue.

Engineers & Developers
Ship faster and safer: Forecast infrastructure costs, reduce risk with progressive deployment.

Feature management Innovate better

Manage your features with feature flagging and progressive rollouts on apps, software and devices.

Create a growth strategy centered on maximizing value for your customer segments while reducing risk.

Experimentation makes perfect

What messages and features drive the most engagement?

Put your ideas to the test by running A/B, split and multivariate tests across all devices. AI-powered traffic allocation automatically sends visitors to winning variations.

Relevance with personalization

Use AI-powered psychographic and engagement-based segmentation to push custom messages, features and functionalities to specific audiences on any device.

Benefit from low-code to no-code widgets, driving unrivaled time-to-value and ROI.