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Global Search Marketing Intelligence
Gain Complete Insight Into Your Competitors & Performance
Powerful Solutions

Discover powerful solutions to achieve your goals from Kantar’s Paid Search Intelligence Platform, the global leader since 2004

Campaign Analysis

Gain daily visibility into your top competitors’ paid search text ad and product listing ad strategies for desktop and mobile search

Marketplace Analysis

Gain strategic, monthly insight into your paid and organic performance across both desktop and mobile search

Trademark Protection

Easily identify competitors, affiliates and partners who are bidding on and using your brand terms in paid search ads in 50+ countries worldwide

Answer Your Most Important Search Marketing Questions
Who are my top competitors?
How do I improve performance?
How much are they spending and how am I performing against them?
What keyword opportunities am I missing?
What are they saying in their ads and landing pages?
Who is bidding on my brand terms and using them in their ad copy?
What’s my total share of search for text ads, PLAs & SEO on desktop & mobile?