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With Agility® PIM at the heart of an end-to-end omnichannel strategy, your products will captivate and convert.
Any company selling products or services today needs to excel at delivering contextual, comprehensive and flawlessly consistent product information to today’s ever-evolving and always-connected customer. In a world where the number of channels, touchpoints, versions, and profiles is infinite, protecting and enriching customer relationships means anticipating every need and satisfying every want in a competitive climate where introduction times for new products have virtually vanished.
Industries We Serve

Whether you have one website or a dozen, support two languages or twenty, or manage thousands of product attributes or millions, Agility PIM flexibly scales to empower users across a variety of industries with a single, reliable view of their product information.

Manufacturing and Global Brands

Compared to retailers and distributors, most of our customers in the manufacturing industry carry a narrower scope of products, but many of these companies are global concerns.


Our customers in the distribution industry carry mid-sized, large and extremely large sets of products – tens or hundreds of thousands to millions – with extraordinary numbers of attributes.


Our retail customers carry product sets that range from small to mid to large – from thousands to tens of thousands of products. For these companies, product enrichment and associated assets, such as copy, images and video, are paramount.