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Sales Order Software

Ai2 is a world leader in Mobile Sales Software. Our journey started long before sales order software was an option for most companies. Sales reps met with customers, penned orders for the product and gave best guesses on inventory, price, and delivery schedule, and fulfillment terms.  Now we can automate the entire process using mobile sales software to begin the order process and tell a complete story of items being purchased.

Mobile Sales Software

Ai2 created an ecosystem of mobile sales software applications that surfaced all of the most timely and relevant product and inventory information so that sales reps could have an accurate snapshot of their product offerings. To complete the ecosystem, we turned our attention to integrating our tools into the ERP, back office and accounting systems.

ERP Integration

In our 32 history, Ai2 has interfaced its mobile order management solutions to virtually every ERP and back office system utilized in the distribution industry.  We have drop-in interfaces to Oracle, SAP, InFor, Microsoft Dynamics, NCR, Award, Retalix, IFS, NetSuite, Aspen, Epicor, High Jump, Sage, Ross, NECS, CDR, NDS, SysPro Quick Books, Turning Point — just to name a few.

In addition, we have interfaced to literally hundreds of separate home-grown back office systems as well. Our solutions are back-office agnostic and will integrate with everything. There is not a platform on the market that Ai2 cannot build a custom B2B eCommerce solution to help your team create new avenues for growth